Wireless Door Alarm

Wireless Door Alarm

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Wireless doorbell button with flashing light alarm receiver

  Flashing light doorbell kit for the deaf or hearing impaired
  Provides bright coloured flash and loud chime alert
  Identifies active doorbell button using different coloured lights (requires extra buttons)
  Portable receiver for easy placement around the home

High-performance doorbell solution for the deaf and hard of hearing. Includes doorbell push and NMDRX flashing sounder. Provides extra loud chime alert with bright coloured flash when the doorbell is activated. The doorbell push is easily mounted to the door frame using the optional screw fixing or loop adhesive and has a wireless range of 100 metres. The NMDRX is portable enabling you to transfer the alarm receiver from room to room as you move around the home, always alerting you that someone is at the door.

Up to 5 doorbell push buttons (sold separately) can be wirelessy linked to the NMDRX alarm receiver with each doorbell activating a different coloured flash alarm.

Key Features

• Top focusing lens high intensity ceiling projecting LEDs
• Adjustable 3 level volume up to 96db
• Choice of 5 coloured visual alarms
• Option to add vibrating pad (sold separately)
• Supplied with screw fixing and hook & loop adhesive
• Battery operated no wiring involved
• Includes batteries