Standard Patient Slider

Standard Patient Slider

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This is the best selling standard full size model for general use - the ideal choice for most situations.

  • The ideal and very cost effective moving aid for a number of patient transfer situations. These include when a patient is unconscious, or needs full length supine or prone support during the transfer, or when there is a small gap between the two surfaces.
  • Semi-rigid flexible sliding board made from high density, stress relieved polypropylene.
  • Smooth, easy glide surface, treated to be anti static.
  • Both surfaces have very low friction.
  • Therefore it can be used both as a movable sliding board where the board and the patient move together or, with the addition of a MEDesign slide sheet, the board can be fixed in place while the patient moves across it.
  • Both techniques allow for safer and easier transfers of supine patients whilst also reducing the risk of imposing heavy loads on the backs of the nurses or carers.
  • The eight handholds around the edges allow for easy moving and positioning.
  • Available in two different sized models to cover a number of different situations. The alternative Patient Slider Narrow version is more suited for use where space is limited.
  • Radiolucent and may be left in situ during x-ray procedures.


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