Red Antimicrobial Beaker With Handle

Red Antimicrobial Beaker With Handle

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Our Antibacterial Beaker with handle is perfect for serving both hot and cold drinks as well as portions of soup.
Made out of high quality polycarbonate, which is virtually unbreakable.
Harfield’s Biomaster protected tableware is a response to the growing need to do more to tackle disease-causing bacteria and viruses. We can now confirm that Biomaster is active against SARS-COV-2, the virus that causes Covid-19.
The antibacterial properties of this product prove to be very effective and inhibit the growth of bacteria by 99.99%.
The technology is also effective for the intended lifetime of the product.
Microwave safe for reheating drinks or soup. Also dishwasher safe – Don’t worry it will not affect the antibacterial properties!

Beaker Dimensions:

Diameter – 7.7cm (3 inches)
Height – 10cm (3.9 inches)
Capacity 28cl/280ml (10oz)