Protec Plus 8 Replacement APM Mattress

Protec Plus 8 Replacement APM Mattress

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The Protec Plus 8 has nineteen 8.5” cells for maximum pressure relief and three static cells at head end for added patient comfort.  Integrated 2” convoluted foam base provides patient protection in the event of power failure. The Mattress rolls up with two carrying handles for easy transportation and has built in Anti-bacterial/Antimicrobial agents resist mould, mildew and help prevent odours. Strong, durable and lightweight P.U cells with 2yr warranty. Support straps secures mattress to the bedwipe down. Quilted, waterproof yet breathable zipped anti–friction cover. CPR valve deflates the

mattress in emergencies.


• Electronic pressure sensor for correct

weight/inflation ratio

• Adjustable time cycle

• Low pressure alarm

• Inflation indicators

• Mains On indicator

• Cell pressure indicator

• Microprocessor controlled

• Weight/comfort setting

• CPR valve

• 8” cells with 2” foam base should

mattress deflate

• Built in anti-bacterial/anti-microbial

agents prevent odours

• Zipped quilted waterproof yet

breathable mattress cover

• Quiet in operation. Switches off once

inflated between cycles

• Laser vented cells between shoulder

and waist

• Takes up to 180kg

• Fitted with quick release couplings on

pump and mattress

• Now fitted with TRUE STATIC MODE