Protec Glide Gloves

Protec Glide Gloves

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The Glide Gloves are an effective low-friction aid for use in minor manual handling, adjusting users in a lying or seated position, moving users higher up in the bed and when checking pressure-relieving side pillows and mattresses.


Glide Repositioning Gloves can be used by care givers in many different moving and positioning situations:

  • It makes placing your hands between the person and the mattress or cushion easier
  • You can use them to make small adjustments and movements whilst the user is in bed, in particular smoothing out the bed sheets after repositioning
  • It makes positioning more comfortable for the person and the care giver, and the glove is easy to slip on even when wearing hygiene gloves
  • Easy repositioning and smoothing, to prevent skin tensioning for the person
  • Allows easier access to check the pressure of an air cushion under a user in a wheelchair or chair