Pre Attached Blood Collection Set - 23G, 178mm, Blue

Pre Attached Blood Collection Set - 23G, 178mm, Blue

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Safety-Lok™ blood collection sets are sterile, closed systems with pre-attached holders that are packed in individual blister packs. These complete sets provide the assurance that the number of holders will always equal the number of collection sets and eliminates the need to manually assemble the needle and holder, which minimizes the risk of contamination.

Each set include: a hypodermic needle, large color-coded wings, an integrated safety shield, small-bore no-twist tubing, a connector, a multi-sample Luer adapter, and an attached tube holder.

• Safety mechanism protects against needle injuries following successful venipuncture
• Safety shield pushes over the needle, surrounding it completely
• Safety mechanism engages irreversibly with an audible click over the needle
• Single-handed activation with no change in technique, so attention remains focused on the patient and the puncture site
• Blood flashback is seen clearly through translucent shield for instant verification of successful vein penetration before collection