Nilaqua® Foaming Skin Cleanser 500ml

Nilaqua® Foaming Skin Cleanser 500ml

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A gentle cleanser providing essential daily care with dignity. Delicate light soap fragrance; the “towel off” foaming, body wash & incontinence cleaner, effectively cleans skin & perineal area’s, leaving you fresh and odour free without using any additional water. Can also be used with warm water for heavy soiling. Nilaqua is aerosol free and an all in 1 cleanser to reduce waste and costs. Effectively cleans the dirt, grease, odours and soiling after incontinence episodes, quickly and easily.

Dermatologically tested, paraben free and pH balanced to be mild and non-irritating to the skin. Dispensed via foam these luxury cleansers are much more user friendly and manageable for patient care. Made in the UK, with 100% renewable energy, recycled plastic and label which is further recyclable.

Just apply directly to the area of the body you wish to clean, massage to lift dirt, urine etc into the solution and use a dry wipe or towel to remove.