Drinking Beaker with Easy Grip Handles & Anti Splash Spout

Drinking Beaker with Easy Grip Handles & Anti Splash Spout

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VERSATILITY - This drinking cup can be used with or without the lid, has 2 lid options and can hold either hot or cold Liquids.
TRANSPARENT - The cup is fully transparent so you can see how much liquid has been drunk.
PRACTICAL - The handles are fitted on both sides to help with grip. The small spout means that too much liquid isn’t taken in at once.
SUPPORTIVE - Helps provide additional support for those with weakened grips or tremors, whilst supporting independent living
MULTI-USE - Ideal for the elderly or for any person with additional supportive needs who cannot drink for themselves
DURABLE - Made from quality durable plastic, the cup is virtually indestructible so dropping won’t cause any breakages
DISHWASHER SAFE - The cup and lids are dishwasher safe, and at all temperatures meaning it can be hygienically cleaned.
MICROWAVE SAFE - Can be placed in a microwave to warm up cold drinks, and can be carried by the thick plastic handles
LIGHTWEIGHT - The light, durable plastic means the mug is much easier to handle than a heavy ceramic or glass alternative.