2 Way Slide Base Sheet S/B Elastic Corners

2 Way Slide Base Sheet S/B Elastic Corners

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 2 Way Sliding Satin Base Sheet with secure quick-fit elastic corners makes independent moving and turning easier for users in bed.


Allowing unrestricted movement from side to side, the central sliding satin panel is low friction.


A striped edge on either side of the panel serves as a ‘braking area’. As a result, the user is prevented from slipping off the edge of the bed.


When the user is less mobile, the base sheet can be combined with a 4 Way Draw Sheet to allow assisted turning and positioning.


The breathable material is kind on skin, resulting in the effective prevention of shearing and sweating.


Designed to be left in the bed, there is no need to insert and remove the sheets each time the user position needs adjusting. As a result, the need to turn the user is substantially reduced.


Created for use in medical, caring and domestic environments, sheets offer practical benefits as well as being carer and user friendly.