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Safe use of Bed Rails

Safe use of Bed Rails

It is important to note that the recent guidance on safe use of Bed rails has been updated.

The HSE have a very good post on this here, please take time to review and make changes if required in your care home.

What is the risk?

Bed rails, also known as side rails or cot sides, are widely used to reduce the risk of falls.  Although not suitable for everyone, they can be very effective when used with the right bed, in the right way, for the right person.

However, accident data shows that bed rails sometimes don't prevent falls and can introduce other risks.

Poorly fitting bed rails have caused deaths where a person's neck, chest or limbs become trapped in gaps between the bed rails or between the bed rail and the bed, headboard, or mattress.

Other risks are:

  • rolling over the top of the rail
  • climbing over the rail
  • climbing over the footboard
  • violently shaking and dislodging rails
  • violent contact with bedrail parts

Follow this link for the full post - HSE Info on Safe use of Bedrails