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Colour Code Your Care Home!

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Colour Code Your Care Home!

Colour is recognised by anyone, regardless of language, so by applying colour to your cleaning program, you are breaking down any language barrier that may exist between you and your staff. This can be extremely important as it removes the degree of uncertainty, resulting in consistent cleaning from your entire staff. It can also help to simplify training, as you can have colour charts at eye level around the home to prompt employees.

If you have different coloured cloths cleaning the toilet area to the ones cleaning a food table, this reduces the likelihood that bacteria from the toilet will find its way to the food table.

Colour code chart

Click here to print the above chart


The above colours are the most widely used in the caring sector, but can be altered to suit your needs. Whatever colour code you settle for, the most important thing is that your staff know what colours are for which area.

Below are the items we can supply to help you develop and integrate colour coding into your existing program:


Mop bucket and strainer

Colour coded mop buckets


Big white Exel mop heads

Colour coded mop heads


String Exel mop heads

Colour coded mop heads


Revolution Exel mop heads

Colour coded mop heads


Aluminium Exel mop handles

Colour coded mop handles


Dust pan & brush sets

Colour coded Dust pan and brushes


Stripe dish cloths

Colour coded dish cloths


Disposable Dish Cloth (Envirowipes)

Colour coded disposable dish cloths



You can even colour-code your flannels and towels!

Colour coded flannels


Colour coded towels



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September 28, 2017 (updated 16th September 2021)