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Care Industry & Health Related News Weekly Roundup ~ Issue 6

Care Industry & Health Related News Weekly Roundup ~ Issue 6

The Protec® roundup of care establishment and health related news and articles.

This week:-

1. COVID-19: Vaccinations to be made compulsory for care home staff and looked at for NHS workers ~ https://news.sky.com/story/covid-19-vaccinations-to-be-made-compulsory-for-care-home-staff-and-looked-at-for-nhs-workers-12334060

2. UK Music and Music for Dementia have joined forces on a new project to show how music can play a more vital role in improving health and wellbeing ~ https://www.carehomeprofessional.com/uk-music-and-music-for-dementia-join-forces-on-power-of-music-survey/

3. Dementia could be diagnosed early by blood test with up to 100% accuracy ~https://yhoo.it/2Sz7oba

4. NICE recommends several treatment options to help thousands with moderate rheumatoid arthritis ~ https://www.nice.org.uk/news/article/nice-recommends-several-treatment-options-to-help-thousands-with-moderate-rheumatoid-arthritis

5. New risk calculator to help save many more lives from heart attack and stroke ~ https://www.bhf.org.uk/what-we-do/news-from-the-bhf/news-archive/2021/june/new-risk-calculator-to-help-save-more-lives-from-heart-attack-and-stroke

💘 Heartwarming scenes as elderly wife hugs dementia-stricken husband for the first time in 15 months ~ https://www.essexlive.news/news/uk-world-news/heartwarming-scenes-elderly-wife-hugs-5502012

Please remember that the older person you see to be fragile and weak today was once a great brave soul!
Photo credit Tom Hussey

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