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Bed Rail Regulations - What This Means for Care Establishments

Bed Rail Regulations - What This Means for Care Establishments

Bed Rail Regulations

The UK government has established regulations which cover bed/side rails, and these regulations are checked by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). Reports show that incidents relating to bed rails often cause physical injuries with some leading to the demise of the patient, so the regulations have been put in place with the aim of preventing patients becoming entrapped.

The Side Rail Regulations 60601/2/52 state: 

The height of the top edge of the side rail must be more than 220mm above the non-compressed mattress; and this must be measured by care providers in care settings;


The gap between side rails must be smaller than 120mm, and this is measured using a Cone Tool by manufacturers.

Who are the regulations for?

The regulations cover all “users, carers and staff with responsibility for the provision, prescription, use, maintenance and fitting of bed rails.”

This includes care home and hospice managers and staff, as well as nurses in hospitals and anyone responsible for purchasing beds and bed rails for patient use.

Purchasing beds and side rails as well as other bed accessories

You can be assured that when purchasing for your care establishment from Protec®, all our equipment is compliant with current government regulations,

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Note: You can find out more about these regulations with advice on purchase and fitting on the government website here