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Weekly Care Industry News & Helpful Articles Roundup - w/e 24th June 2021

Weekly Care Industry News & Helpful Articles Roundup - w/e 24th June 2021

Protec® have gathered together some care establishment and health related weekly news along with some helpful or interesting articles.

This week:-

1 The world’s first automated hydration tracking system for the elderly: https://www.healtheuropa.eu/the-worlds-first-automated-hydration-tracking-system/108792/

2 Why is dehydration a problem in older patients and care home residents? https://www.nursingtimes.net/clinical-archive/nutrition-and-hydration/why-is-dehydration-a-problem-in-older-patients-and-care-home-residents-06-07-2020/

3 What to Know About Pneumonia and COVID-19: https://www.verywellhealth.com/pneumonia-and-covid-19-5180252

4 2 Servings of Whole Fruit a Day Cut Type 2 Diabetes Risk, Study Suggests: https://www.verywellhealth.com/pneumonia-and-covid-19-5180252

5 Arthritis warning: The healthy foods that can actually trigger arthritis symptoms: https://www.express.co.uk/life-style/health/1447428/arthritis-symptoms-what-is-treatment-diet-omega-6-fatty-acids


Please remember that the older person you see to be fragile and weak today was once a great brave soul! 

Photo credit Tom Hussey

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