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New Installation of an Assisted Hi LO Bath by Protec®

New Installation of an Assisted Hi LO Bath by Protec®

Protec® are pleased to announce that we have successfully installed a new Assisted Hi LO Bath in a Care Group in London yesterday.


After removing the old bath and making good, our engineers then installed the new one.

What are the benefits of an Assisted Hi Lo bath?

Everyday tasks like bathing can be extremely difficult for the elderly who are frail and have mobility issues, not to mention unsafe. 

Assisted bathing ensures that the patient can still perform these tasks, allowing a sense of independence. 

Reduced risk of slipping or falling, and the ability to lower and raise the bather, also means better use of carer time, as well as their safety. 

Being able to bathe safely, is a relaxing pleasure which contributes to physical and mental well-being. 

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