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A Look back..... and now a look forward...A Message from the Managing Director

The Marketing Team
A Look back..... and now a look forward...A Message from the Managing Director

A Message from our Managing Director, Bradley Furse on business through 2015.

2015 has been an interesting and exciting year for us, with lots of changes to our team's, we have been building ourselves up in the background.  From Increasing our customer service staff to collecting feedback and then growing our management team!

At every step we're thinking ' what else can WE do to help relieve the pressure' its a hard day for many managers, very stressful, up and down, no day the same and we want to be at our customers side to relieve the pressure.

Some of the Highlights we would say are...

1. Make ordering easier, increase of website products, new ways of ordering with favourites and reorder button.

2. Spend analysis, we can now help you with spending across your home, where are products most used, why, and are the right products being used.

3. Reliable Nationwide Next Day Delivery Schedules.

Feedback..very well received..

FEEDBACK,  within the J&P Culture this is very much valued, so please POSITIVE OR NEGATIVE..we would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all our loyal customers who have participated in our very short survey, one thing we would like to say is that without feedback it is like driving a car without a windscreen, its imperative that we work on the feedback that we have received and make J&P a better supplier..look out for our NPS (Net Promotor Score) which we will be launching very soon.

Our Product Highlight for 2015 was...

Has got to be our  '' Alarm Pressure Mat Systems Designed for Patient Safety & Wellbeing ''

With many of our loyal customers asking for a solid, reliable and robust alram pressure mat system we have designed our own unique system that will work with all applications.  Its worth visiting us online or click the link above.

Team Growth for 2015 was...

With many changes across the company throughout 2015, we have been working tirelessly behind the scenes to establish a strong leadership team.  With our most recent addition David Booth, Finance & General Manager.  David will be spearheading the team with the Directord Vision of  'complete solutions for caring professionals' over the coming years.  His background is a chartered accountant with 20 years experience and qualifications of ACCA Chartered Accountancy.  We have also strengthened our engineering team with an additional apprentice who will be working with our engineering and installs team.

A 'Peak' at whats to come for 2016...

  • Introduction of on site product training
  • Resources and Downloads available online
  • Product Rationalisation Ideas and Tips to lower costs in use.

We look forward to the journey ahead with our exceptional loyal customer base!

All the Best

Bradley Furse

On Behalf of the Directors of J&P Healthcare